Our Services

We provide compliance, licensing and complete healthcare office management plans. 


A Compliance officer or a compliance program is a must for any healthcare organization. Unfortunately, some small business owners do not have the resources for a full-time compliance officer. Outsourcing the role of a compliance Officer to an experienced company can be a solution for smaller organizations. The goal of a compliance officer is to make sure the company is conducting its business in full compliance with Federal, State and municipalities laws that pertain to the agency. A compliance Officer must have clear and insightful knowledge of the organizations goals and a well understanding of the business law. IHM provides education to the company’s administration and staff to ensure the highest possible level of compliance.

AHCA (Agency for Healthcare Administration)

We provide licensing for all healthcare facilities.

Including Medicaid and Background screening.

Healthcare Clinics

Assistant Living Facilities

ABA agencies

Community Mental Health Centers

Healthcare Management

Innovative Healthcare Management provides oversight of your healthcare facility. Our services include insuring that each individual department is managed smoothly, qualified employees are hired and trained, information is disseminated efficiently throughout the organization, specific outcomes are reached, and resources are used efficiently among many other responsibilities. IHM will assist in your operation so you can focus on what matters most. Your patients.

Services provided

Complimentary walk through baseline assessment(s) to determine opportunity for improvements enterprise wide. (22 regulatory agencies)

All regulatory applications with onsite survey preparedness and participation.

Renewal licensing Application(s)

Contracts, BAA, NDA, Leases, COI, reviews (Health plan, Employee and miscellaneous)

Medical or Clinical Director (credentialing, NCQA accreditation for disease management)

Billing/Coding and Medical Record reviews (proactive approach)

Credentialing Center and current or new clinicians

Background screening, OIG, AHCA, SAM, DEA, Insurance liability claims, assisting in making associates eligible from former status

Area of critical need designation

OSHA walk through

Privacy walk through

Medical director monthly billing reviews

Inspection requirements and process (all regulatory bodies)

Medical and Clinical Directorships maximum number of clients

Employee training

Required documents and binders (all including CEMP and BCP plans)

Monthly maintenance plans